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Merchant Account is Ranked A+ by the Better Business Bureau for customer service and trust!
What is Merchant Account
In simplest terms, a merchant account is a business arrangement between you (the merchant) and a credit card processor that allows you to accept...
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Simple Credit Card Processing

Here at Merchant Corp, we would like to become your first option for processing payments electronically. Since we are leaders in the industry, we provide the whole mixture of seller accounts, advanced technologies and also protected credit card handling solutions in order to really satisfy your distinctive needs. Credit card processing made easy for you will mean dependability, safety, unparalleled client service and assistance as well as affordable rates. We’re prepared to provide way past your own personal hopes!

What is A Merchant Account?

Merchant accounts are the basis for taking credit card payments from consumers. Whenever someone makes a merchant account agreement through Merchant Corp, we provide all your card processing needs, we look after authorizing transactions with banks that issue cards and also we ensure that revenues are placed directly into your bank-account when payment is finished. Find out more about seller accounts by clicking here.

Services and products that will help Satisfy Your Requirements

Here at Merchant Corp we have the training to put you together with the ideal seller account to meet your needs in regard to credit card processing. Our reputation has been built over many years by assisting smaller businesses achieve their complete capacity through a full catalogue of reasonably priced professional services, such as seller accounts (retail Point-of-sale, Web, wi-fi, mobile phone, MOTO), up-to-date technologies, PCI-compliant handling, toll-free 24/7/365 client assistance that’s sourced inside the UNITED STATES. - all at very competitive prices.

We started using Merchant Corp after we opened our new shop. They provided all of our credit card purchasing options so our customers could buy our products easily and quickly. We had never used this kind of service before so we were unsure of what to expect. However, Merchant Corp quickly put our worries at ease with their professional actions and knowledgeable demeanour. They impressed us with their punctuality and attention to detail, as well as their reasonable prices. We would highly recommend their services to any vender who wants reliable, affordable credit card service options at a very impressive rate.

- Max G. (Bellmore, NY)

Not long ago our current credit card processing provider raised their rates unexpectedly. We were very annoyed so we looked into other options. Merchant Corp's name came up and we decided to give them and call to see if they might be a better option for our business. They started out explaining what services they were offering us, and then gave us their rates. They were very competitive and we were happy to see that they were knowledgeable in their area of expertise. They made us feel comfortable and valued as a customer. Before long we were signing on the dotted line and using their services in our store. We would suggest them to anybody who needs reliable services in this area.

- Victoria E. (Garfield, NJ)

Our store has several locations, one of which is brand new. Before it opened we were trying to decide whether to go with the provider we had been using or try a new one that perhaps offered better rates; we had not been very impressed with the increased rates that our current provider had issued us in the new year. Merchant Corp was very professional and their prices were impressive. But even more than all of that, we felt like they really knew what they were doing, which made the money we spent more worthwhile. Not only did they offer lots of helpful information, but they also gave us tips on how to increase our efficiency. Try them yourself and you will not be disappointed.

- Jennifer Baxter (Garfield, NJ)

We are extremely impressed by the efficiency, knowledge, and experience of Merchant Corp. We were not that concerned with pricing options, although their rates are excellent; we were more concerned with hiring a reliable service provider that would help us offer the best possible credit card processing services to our clients. We had experienced service issues with our last service provider, hence our hesitance to go with a sub par company. Merchant Corp met all of our requirements and more, proving themselves to be an exceptional option for a professional business. We have had no problems with them and we have been with them for over a year now. We are looking forward to many more years to come.

- Julie R. (Mesa, AZ)

Price is a huge issue for us. We had felt ripped off in our last location; in this new building we wanted our bakery to have the best credit card processing services but for a much better price than what we had been given before. When Merchant Corp told us their rates, we were very impressed. I had been under the impression that rates like this were not possible, but apparently they are- and without sacrificing quality! We have been so impressed by them that we are recommending their services to all of our friends who own businesses. It is just too good of a situation for us to keep it all to ourselves!

- Ronald (California)

A few years ago we switched to Merchant Corp in an effort to cut costs, since our business had hit a rough spot. To our surprise, the quality of service did not decrease with the lower rate, nor did we have to sacrifice any vital services. We have since upgraded to a better plan and we are still very pleased with them. I have to say that I did not think it was possible to get these services for this price without getting crummy customer service. But they have pulled it off beautifully. If you are in a position to need credit card processing services, I highly suggest that you go with Merchant Corp!

- Maria Costa(Washington)

We wanted a highly reliable credit card processing provider for our new shop. We sell computer products and repairs, and we are part of a chain, so we needed reliable services for our customers to use while paying. Merchant Corp provided us the reliability and quality of service that we required. We have never had an outage of service on their end, and when we had a technical problem they helped us remedy it right away, even though it was not technically their fault. We are very pleased all around and think that you would like to try their services also.

- Ettore Porteili(New Jersey)

When we needed proper credit card processing services, Merchant Corp provided the answer. They had the best prices, and we did a lot of shopping around so that is quite impressive. They also have an excellent reputation among our associates who also run businesses. We are very happy with the results that they have provided for us- they are prompt, reliable, and knowledgeable in their field. They made us feel very comfortable and secure in our business transactions. We know that we can rely on their services and that our customers can too. We would recommend that you try them out as well.

- Julie (Florida)

When our credit card processing provider went out of business, we were stumped. We had never looked for another provider and we did not even know where to begin. We saw Merchant Corp online and decided to talk to them about possibly taking over our credit card processing requirements for our shop. They immediatly responded, explaining their offer and price ranges and helping us decide what we needed. We ended up getting a better rate for more services, which really made us happy! And the quality of their services was no less than what we had received before with the last company that charged us more money.

- Frenchesca (NJ)

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to sell a product to a customer and having the credit card processing service not work right. Our last company had many problems and glitches, and we were losing sales as a result, so we opted to find a new service provider. Merchant Corp had great reviews and competitive prices, and we had a friend in the business who recommended them to us. So we called them and asked a few questions, and then decided to try them out. We are so impressed! These services have gone without a glitch for almost a year now. We had one problem that turned out to be on our end, but they helped us figure it out anyways. We are so pleased and we know you will be too if you go with their services.

- Kyle Baker(AZ)

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